I am really happy you're here.

And who are you?

I'm Matt. I'm a career-level, middle-aged human in Tech based in New England, MA. But guess what? That's not who I am.

I am wildly sensitive, creative, kind, and I have been at war w/ Depression and Anxiety my entire life as a result of having ADHD.

I follow some popular ADHD ig accounts and I find the content and comments are great and disheartening at the same time. Supportive social communities have formed to reduce isolation. However, self-deprecation runs deep and to fix my holes of happiness (and hopefully help yours) - the focus is on positivity.

One of the small things I enjoy is wearing really bright colorways that are expressive, and embody the times I am most happy. Simply put, shit you can't buy on Amazon. I love the water, and the energy that erupts from Summer. In New England
, we have a dinky Summer. Two months of sun is crazy. But when it does come out we go from 0 to 100 mph. Jeep doors off, speakers booming, coolers full, salt tangled hair, river floats, late night fires and not a shoe or shirt to be found.

My goal is to design and sell comfy, coastal apparel that makes you happy. I love Surfing aesthetic - it speaks to how I Drift On Purpose™. But I don't surf so I'd like to catch that vibe, but make it approachable to everyone! I want you to get a dopamine hit from the compliments you receive. I want the delivery to come in time for your party plans. And most importantly I want you to live a full, happy and whole life. 

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